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Decorating Tips

Interior styling: Does the area rug come first or last?

Posted on July 27th, 2017.

One of the most effective ways to finish off the look of a room is to add an area rug. However if you have the opportunity, it is often best to build your décor from the floor up! Often decorating with rugs is based on the principles of proportion. When possible, choosing your area rug first will set your palette, act as an anchor point...


Carpet Options

What you need to know about carpet styles and fibres

Posted on July 13th, 2017.

The first thing you need to know about carpet styles and fibres is the difference between tufted and woven carpet. Tufted carpet consist of rows of machine-punched yarns held together by adhesive and a backing. Woven carpets, made on a loom, are known for their long life span and higher price point due to the higher quality. Next is...